• Individual search for raw materials
    Individual search for raw materials

    If you can't find the raw materials you need on the website, just write us and we will find and provide it specially for you.

  • Shipment from 1 kg
    Shipment from 1 kg

    We support small businesses, so you can order from us not only wholesale batches, but also products from 1 kg.

  • 12 years of experience
    12 years of experience

    Our company has been continuously supplying raw materials to many Ukrainian industries for 12 years.

  • API license
    API license

    We have a license to trade Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients issued by the State Service of Ukraine on Medications and Drugs Control, which allows us to store and sell pharmaceutical raw materials in accordance with all the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine on medicines.

  • Organization of logistics in Ukraine
    Organization of logistics in Ukraine

    We have our own fleet of vehicles specially equipped for the transportation of chemical raw materials. Therefore, your order will definitely be delivered safely, and if you are located in the Kyiv region, it will be delivered free of charge.

  • We provide product samples
    We provide product samples

    If you need to test your raw materials, we can send you samples before ordering.

Chemical raw materials Supplier

Supplier of chemical raw materials UmanHimTrade: Leading Supplier in Ukraine

Our company, UmanHimTrade, has a well-established reputation as a leading supplier in the chemical industry in Ukraine. Our customers can rely on us because we provide high quality products and adhere to strict quality standards. Our range of chemical raw materials covers a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and others.

The expertise that underpins our success

The success of our company UmanHimTrade is determined by our deep expertise in the field of chemistry. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience and understanding of chemical properties and market trends. As a result, we are able to not only provide high quality products, but also provide valuable advice to customers on the most appropriate materials for their unique needs.

High-quality chemical raw materials: our quality mark

For us, the quality of our chemical raw materials is not just important - it is an integral part of our brand. We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality products that undergo strict testing before being released to the market. From basic chemicals to complex formulations, each product reflects our commitment to quality.

A wide range of products

UmanHimTrade offers a wide range of products covering various chemical needs. Whether you need raw materials for production, additives to improve products or specialized chemicals for unique applications, we are ready to offer you the best solutions. On our easy-to-use website, you can easily research and select the right products for your business.

Insights and industry updates

We not only provide products, but also share valuable information and insights in the chemical industry. Our blog section is a veritable source of knowledge, that offers articles on the latest trends, safety standards and innovative applications of chemical compounds. We seek to be the voice of true professionals in our industry.

A collaborative approach to service

For us, customer service is not just a task, it is our philosophy. We are ready to cooperate and provide personalized solutions for each client. Regardless of the size of your business, we provide guidance and support to ensure your success.

Sustainability is at the center of everything we do

In the world of sustainability, sustainability is key. We recognize this and actively promote sustainable practices in the chemical industry. We look for environmentally friendly alternatives, educate customers on the responsible use of chemicals, and work to reduce our environmental footprint.

Frequently asked questions about us

How do you stand out from other chemical suppliers?

We pride ourselves on the highest quality products, expert knowledge and a wide range of products that make us indispensable to your business.

How can I get acquainted with your suggestions?

Our products and range description are readily available on our easy to use website.

Do you offer environmentally friendly product options?

Yes, we actively promote sustainable practices and provide environmentally friendly chemical options.

What is the quality assurance process for your products?

Each of our products undergoes rigorous testing to meet high standards and guarantee impeccable quality.

Can I count on personalized service?

Absolutely, we follow a partnership approach and provide customized solutions for each client.

What makes you more than just a supplier?

We are not just suppliers, we are partners in your success. Our insights, sustainable practices and high quality are what set us apart.

UmanHimTrade, a supplier of chemical raw materials, is not just a company, it is a symbol of reliability, expertise and quality in the chemical industry. Our in-depth expertise, wide range of products and commitment to sustainability make us the best choice for all your chemical needs. We are ready to be your reliable partner, providing you with quality solutions and support at every stage.

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